Family & friends lending, simplified!

Harmoney creates instant, ethical & secure loan contracts between family and friends, providing peace of mind to both lenders and borrowers.

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Ethical lending,
responsible borrowing

Ethical lending is at the very heart of our ethos, and as such, Harmoney users can charge a maximum of 10% interest when lending to a loved one.

Minimum interest

0% APR

Maximum interest

10% APR

Simplifying loans between
family and friends.

Instant loan contracts

Ethical interest rates

Proof of lending

Proof of repayments

Legally binding

Secure transactions

Regular balance reminders

Quick, easy and affordable

Protect your relationships

One in 10 people have lost a friendship due to a dispute over money owed, with one in 20 left estranged from a family member. Protect your relationships when lending or borrowing money, with Harmoney.

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Why loan contracts make sense

Here are just a few facts and figures from polls carried out by some of the UK's most trusted institutions.

More than half (53%) of British borrowers do not expect to pay the money back to friends and family.

Fifty-five per cent of Brits have lived to regret lending someone money, and would think twice about doing it again.

One in ten (8%) of UK residents admitted that the borrowing of money has caused tension in their family.

Meet the Founders

Experienced in FCA regulatory compliance, data protection, cyber security and digital application development.

Jourdain is an experienced regulatory compliance consultant, specialising in FCA & Claims Management Compliance.

Jourdain Tambo  |  UK

Co-Founder / FCA Regulatory Compliance Expert

Mustafa is a certified CISSP, CISA, CISM, CISMP, SOX & TOGAF consultant & trainer.

Mustafa Ahmed  |  UK

Co-Founder / Cyber Security & Privacy Expert

A seasoned software developer and technical programme manager, Vinay specialises in native iOS/Android application development.

Vinay Jain  |  Noida

Co-Founder / Technical Programme Manager